Juventus faces another blow from the judiciary system.

Juventus face another penalty in the Italian league next summer.

Last January, the Court of Appeal of the Italian Confederation decided to deduct 15 points from Juventus’ league balance before the decision was suspended by the Olympic Committee.

And yesterday, on Monday, a new decision was made to reduce the penalty to 10 points due to capital gains violations to push Juventus back to seventh place in Calcio.

According to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus face a new fine on June 15, less than two weeks after the end of the current season.

She pointed out that the new punishment is related to wage manipulation, partnerships with other clubs and relationships with agents.

And she added: “Juventus refused to admit their guilt in the case, but Juventus still have the opportunity to negotiate with the prosecutor before the trial.”

The newspaper concluded: “The new penalty is expected to be linked to points deductions, but it is not clear if it will apply to the current or next season.”

Source: “Media”

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