Journalist: Washington is preparing provocations against Moscow with the participation of Lithuania and Poland

The Chilean journalist “Gonzalo Lira Lopez” pointed out that the United States is preparing “provocations” against Russia in Eastern Europe with the participation of Lithuania and Poland.

“Washington is behind the decision of Vilnius to impose restrictions on the transit of goods and fuel to the Russian Kaliningrad region, which is likely to escalate the conflict in the region,” she said.

She added: “It is clear that the administration of US President Joe Biden is staging a provocation in Eastern Europe, including Lithuania and Poland, against Russia,” noting that NATO intends to provoke the Russian army to defend Kaliningrad.

And she continued: “Lithuania has blocked the corridor between Kaliningrad and Russia, and there are also measures similar to the movement of Lithuanian troops … Lithuania has a micro-army, but Polish troops have also begun to move, and recently they have become more active on the border with Belarus.”

The newspaper expressed confidence that “in this way the White House will try to distract Americans from high inflation and problems in the economy.”

Source: “News”

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