Jordanian TV presenter Ahlam Al-Ajarme reveals the identities of her son’s kidnappers in Istanbul.

Jordanian broadcaster Ahlam Al-Ajarmeh revealed on Twitter on Saturday the identities of her son’s kidnappers in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Ahlam Al-Ajarmeh said that her son’s abductors were not Turkish, as some claim, but were Lebanese and Syrian citizens.

Al-Ajarma, who lives in Turkey, added in a tweet: “In response to some confusion about the identity of the abductors, I would like to emphasize that the abductors were not Turks, but citizens of Lebanon and Syria. “

Al-Ajarmeh continued: “The tremendous efforts made by the Turkish authorities were the main merit in returning my child from northern Syria without any damage during his recovery.”

On Friday, Al-Ajarma announced the return of her child, who was kidnapped in Istanbul about 20 days ago and taken by a smuggling gang to Idlib in Syria.

Al-Ajarma released a video clip showing her son meeting at the Bab al-Salama checkpoint on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Source: RT + Twitter

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