Jordanian team withdrew from the Emirates Championship and released a statement

Jordanian club Al Wehdat has refused to participate in the Al Ain International Volleyball Championship scheduled in the UAE next month due to its refusal to normalize relations with Israel.

The tournament will take place between the 18th and 28th of next month with the participation of the UAE-organized club Al Ain, a number of Arab, Asian and African clubs, as well as an Israeli club.

Al Wehdat Club, in a statement posted on its official Facebook account on Monday, said: “Al Wehdat Club officially apologizes for participating in the Al Ain International Volleyball Championship,” adding the hashtag “# No_ to normalization”. .”

In another publication, he expressed his categorical opposition to the exploitation of his masses in promoting the normalization of the Israeli occupation.

The Jordanian club’s decision not to participate was welcomed by Palestinian and Jordanian activists and anti-normalization pages.

The UAE signed a normalization agreement with Israel in mid-September 2020 under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump, before Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco joined.

Source: Jordanian Media

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