Jordanian player withdraws from World Jiu-Jitsu Games due to refereeing

The Jordanian Jiu-Jitsu technical team has decided to bar its player, Badr Al-Khuzai, from competing in weight competition at the World Games in the United States in protest of arbitration.

Yesterday, Friday, Al-Khuzai opened the competition in the 85kg division by defeating Colombian player Kevin Cuervo in the quarterfinals 4-2.

In the semi-finals, Al-Khuzai faced Emirati player Faisal Al-Ketbi, where the bout ended in Al-Khuzai’s 2-0 win before the UAE team’s technical staff objected to the result, according to the Jordanian Olympic Committee.

Then, due to this objection, the match officials met for a few minutes and then decided to announce Al-Khuzai’s loss and award the victory to the Emirati player.

The Jordanian Olympic Committee said in a statement that the technical staff of the national jiu-jitsu team and the administrative staff of the Jordanian delegation tried to “understand what happened from the chief judge of the fight and object to this decision, but this was not accepted by the judges.”

In view of the incident, “it was decided that the player Badr Al-Khuzai would not finish the competition in protest against the decision of the judges,” according to the Jordanian Olympic Committee.

Al-Khuzai was supposed to fight for the bronze medal.

The Jordanian Olympic Committee said it would “submit an official report on the incident to the organizing committee of the World Games and the International Jiu-Jitsu Federation in the coming days”, emphasizing “its respect for the laws and regulations in force at the tournament.” “

Source: Jordanian Olympic Committee.

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