Jordanian player reveals he has cancer

Jordanian Yarmouk goalkeeper Anas Al-Khalaileh evoked sympathy from his social media followers by announcing he had cancer and promising to defeat him.

The 31-year-old man said in a video he posted on his Facebook account that he discovered his illness by accident.

He explained that he was hit by his colleague before the ball hit his face and the Jordanian goalkeeper went to the hospital to get the necessary medical check-ups and took x-rays to check his condition and the surprise was the appearance of a malignant tumor in the area between ear and nose.

The player received a lot of sympathy from his fans and friends after he appeared in the video vowing to defeat the disease with determination and resilience.

The comments, which contained prayers for Al-Khalilah, poured out a speedy recovery and received support from his fans and followers.

Source: facebook/ans.alkhlaylh.5

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