Jordanian parliament speaker: Comprehensive international position needed to rebuild affected areas in Syria and Turkey

Jordanian parliament speaker Ahmad Safadi called for a “universal international position” to rebuild earthquake-hit areas in Turkey and Syria.

Al-Safadi said in an interview with Turkey’s Anatolia News Agency that Jordanian civil defense fighters were involved in search and rescue operations for the wounded in Turkey and Syria, and pointed out that “the first aid plane that landed in Syria was Jordanian.”

He asked, “Which of us was not affected by what happened in Turkey and Syria?” to reply that the earthquake “shook the whole world, and nothing expresses our feelings about what we saw.”

Regarding the international responsibility towards the people affected by the earthquake, Safadi called for “clear and unequivocal action from all countries of the world and the United Nations to hold an expanded meeting at the world level in support of the reconstruction of Syria and Turkey.” “

He said: “This is a natural disaster and it is far beyond the capacity of countries, and there must be a clear position on the part of the international community regarding recovery, and there must be a global, Arab and Islamic movement in relation to these countries.”

He explained: “The burden on Turkey and Syria is heavy and positions must be clear, as Jordan did, despite its limited capacity.”

He stated that Syria “is going through hard times after years of war with the forces of darkness and terrorism, as it is still suffering from terrorist organizations.”

Source: Turkish Anatolia Agency.

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