Jony Ive Created the “Most Perfect Nose in History” for Comic Relief to Raise Funds in the United Kingdom

For Red Nose Day, the annual Comic Relief charity telethon broadcast on British television to collect money for the underprivileged, former Apple designer Sir Jony Ive has produced a red nose with a fresh new style.

Jony Ive Created the "Most Perfect Nose in History" for Comic Relief to Raise Funds in the United Kingdom

There are 95% plant-based ingredients in the nose. It has a folding paper design that, when unfolded, transforms from a small, flat crescent into a honeycomb paper spherical that may be placed on the nose. Even a tiny travel case is included.

I design ve’s was dubbed “the most striking makeover since the red nose made its debut in 1988” by the BBC’s Newsround.

Richard Curtis and Sir Lenny Henry, the co-founders of Comic Relief, asked comedian and actress Diane Morgan to narrate a lighthearted short film introducing the nose.

In short, Morgan compares the shape to the planet Earth, praises the significance of “the perfect circle,” and then claims that the new model is “the perfect nose in history” before detailing it.

Ive, a British designer departed Apple in 2019, and at least four of his former coworkers joined him at his LoveFrom design studio, which created the nose.

We have supported Comic Relief and are proud to continue doing so, added Ive. “Our entire team was involved in designing and creating this novel and seemingly straightforward Red Nose. We hope everyone who wears one experiences a brief moment of happiness.”

The BBC campaign will help those facing the cost-of-living crisis and address homelessness, mental health issues, and food insecurity. Comic Relief raised £52,735 219 ($42,790 147) last year.

Before this year’s Red Nose Day on Friday, March 17, the new nose is available for purchase for £2.50 (about $3) on Amazon and the Comic Relief website, where sales are capped at eight per person. Amazon Pay accepts donations, with all money going directly to Comic Relief.

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