"joker!"Biden’s Recession Claims Outraged Americans

Followers of the American channel CNBC burst into angry and sarcastic comments about President Joe Biden’s statements about the state of the American economy and its possible entry into a recession.

This comes after Biden said yesterday Thursday that the current state of the country’s economy does not indicate a recession, despite a statement released by the Office of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce that the country’s gross domestic product fell by 0 in the second quarter of 2022. .9% year-on-year, after declining in the first quarter, increased by 1.6%, which technically signals the beginning of a recession, which by definition implies a decline in gross domestic product for two consecutive quarters.

Rob Base wrote in Comment via YouTube : “It doesn’t matter if it looks like a recession or not. It’s a recession.”

Rachel Black added sarcastically, “Biden (to citizens): Don’t worry, if there’s a recession, I’ll change the definition!”

“Yes, we are depressed, clown,” he wrote, quoting George Orwell in 1984. “The Party told you not to believe your eyes and ears. This is her last and most important.”

“Thank you to the voters who chose Biden for president and the 31% of voters who still support Biden,” Rang B added.

The American media are paying attention to previous statements by the current administration in Washington, in which it admitted that two consecutive quarters of falling GDP meant a recession. And Republicans from the US House of Representatives, after the publication of data on the decline in gross domestic product for the second quarter in a row, started talking about a recession in the economy.

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