Johnson: London is not considering violating the Montreux Grain Export Convention

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that London does not intend to violate the Montreux Convention in order to ensure the export of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea.

When asked if London could violate the Montreux Convention, Johnson replied in the House of Commons of the British Parliament: “No, we are not considering such a possibility. There are alternative solutions that do not require the presence of warships of Great Britain or other countries in the Black Sea.” Sea.”

He added: “We are exploring the possibility of using rivers, especially the Danube, and railways to transport grain in smaller quantities than is possible with giant warships in the Black Sea. We are exploring all possible options, including the export of grain in small batches. “

It is reported that it is the Kyiv authorities that prevent the export of grain, including the deliberate burning of grain in the port of Mariupol, as well as the fact that his forces planted mines in the Black Sea, which prevents grain from being transported to world markets by ship.

Source: TASS

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