Johnson confirms that he will not be subject to any "psychological failure" After losing the election

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday he will not suffer a “psychological failure” despite his party’s defeat in this week’s election.

Johnson told the BBC’s Today program that if his critics “want to suffer some kind of psychological setback, I think our listeners know it’s not going to happen.”

“What can be done, what the government should do, and what I want to do is continue to change, reform and improve our systems and our economy,” he added.

The British prime minister survived a no-confidence vote, but was weakened by a demand by more than 40 percent of his deputies for his resignation.

His position was shaken again on Friday after losing two election battles for two symbolic seats.

Daisy Cooper, the Liberal Democrat vice president who was one of the by-election winners, said Johnson’s comments showed he was “not going to change his personality.”

Johnson’s popularity waned after the scandal of his partying at his Downing Street headquarters during the Covid closing period was exposed and he was fined by police along with dozens of his staff.

Inflation and strikes have also added to the pressure on the 58-year-old, who told the BBC he should “with all humility and sincerity” accept the criticism.

To make matters worse for Johnson, The Times published information on Saturday about his plans to build a tree house for his son for a lot of money.

Source: AFP.

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