JFK Jr. Outpaces Biden and Trump in Latest US Election Poll

Robert Kennedy Jr., whose Democratic nomination in the 2024 U.S. presidential election propelled him forward, is ranked better than many other presidential candidates, according to a new poll.

A poll by The Economist and YouGov found that 49% of respondents viewed Kennedy (the nephew of the 35th US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy) positively, giving him the highest score and a net preference of 19 points, while 30% viewed him negative.

According to the poll, current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have the second highest percentage of respondents who rate them positively at 44%, but Biden’s net positive rating is -9 and Trump’s -10.

The results come as Kennedy raises some concerns among Democrats, who are fueling the idea that they are worried about Biden’s archrival.

Opinion polls showed that Kennedy had the support of about a fifth of Democratic voters in recent times, bringing him more attention and media attention.

Source: Hill

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