Jewish media: Israeli authorities approve cuts in security for former prime ministers Barak and Olmert

Jewish media reported that the Ministerial Committee for General Security (Shin Bet) recently agreed to reduce the number of security guards Shin Bet provides to former prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak.

The Jewish media also explained that the ministerial committee on Shin Bet affairs is considering the final removal of protection from Barak at the end of the month, more than 20 years after he ended his term.

The Ynet website states that “the committee will also take into account the ‘shadow war’ with Iran, which also includes neutralizing threats from Tehran against Israeli officials, and that there are security officials who believe that now is not the time to “. stop guarding the two, while, if no further decision is made, the guards will be reduced until they are completely removed.

“These two (Barak and Olmert) are still doing security from time to time as per their schedule, but as part of the new changes, covert security will be doubled,” Ynet said, according to informed officials.

Source: “I24”

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