Jewish Channel 13: Israeli army prepares for major escalation and deploys 20,000 troops in the West Bank

Jewish Channel 13 reported that the Israeli army is preparing for further escalation in the West Bank after recent operations, one of which killed one of its officers.

According to the Jewish channel, the Israeli police are expected to be reinforced by about 20,000 people during the holidays.

She added that this state of readiness will last until the next elections.

She referred to what she called the growing setbacks that led to the assassination of Major Bar Falah near Jenin.

The channel reported that “the harsh reality in the north of the West Bank and in Jalam persists”, noting the Israeli army’s announcement tonight that preparations are underway to expand detentions and infiltrate cities, with a focus on Nablus and Jenin.

The channel noted that now the army is not talking about a military operation, but rather about raids or arrests.

Regarding the investigation into the operation that resulted in the death of an Israeli army major at the Jalameh checkpoint, the channel reported that “Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi reviewed video footage of the operation”, which showed the absence of weapons, which reinforced the conclusion of “tactical errors in the use of force” and in application of arrest procedures.

Source: website “Channel 13” in Hebrew.

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