Japanese Prime Minister dismisses son from role as executive secretary due to negative reputation

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he would fire his eldest son Shotaro as executive secretary amid growing criticism over inappropriate photos taken at the prime minister’s official residence.

Last week, the magazine published a photo of Shotaro with his relatives in a disrespectful manner, prompting the government to say the photo was “not inappropriate.”

“Of course, I am responsible for this appointment,” Kishida said. “I take this very seriously. I want to fulfill my responsibilities, facing difficulties that cannot be postponed, and moving forward with determination.”

Shotaro Kishida has been a frequent source of trouble for the Japanese Prime Minister ever since he was chosen as Executive Secretary.

“The appointment itself is a powerful element of the intersection of public and private interests … Resignation is normal,” Izumi, head of the opposition Kenta Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters on Monday.

The head of the opposition Japan Innovation Party, Nobuyuki Baba, said that Kishida’s son “should have acted with awareness of his position.”

In January, Shotaro Kishida was criticized for improperly mixing public and private interests when he accompanied his father on trips to other countries.

Kishida’s son was reported to have used the government car to visit major tourist sites and go shopping in London, Paris and Ottawa.

Source: Kyodo Agency.

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