Japanese lawmaker rebukes demands to reconsider Russia visit itinerary

Japanese Senate MP Moneo Suzuki, who planned to visit Russia this May, has postponed his trip after criticizing the call by his party’s leadership, the Japan Revival Society, to rethink his plans.

“Because there is a loud statement that I should consider my trip and whether it is in the national interest, I want to make it clear to the General Secretary (of the party) that as a politician I acted and thought in the national interest more than you, a hundred times more.”

Suzuki urged his party’s leadership to “choose your words better”.

At the end of April last year, the Japanese Senate Advisory Committee granted Muneo Suzuki’s request to travel to Russia. Subsequently, the general secretary of the Japan Revival Association, Fumitake Fujika, said that the decision on this visit should be made taking into account its potential impact on national interests.

Muneo Suzuki is a politician with extensive political experience. He became a member of the Japanese Diet 40 years ago. Currently, Suzuki represents the Japanese Renaissance Society in the upper house of parliament and is known in Japanese politics for his interest in signing a peace treaty and developing bilateral relations with Russia.

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