Japanese lawmaker acknowledges government’s recognition of cooperation with Russia

Member of the House of Representatives of Japan Moneo Suzuki said that Japan is coordinating very closely its policy with the US and NATO towards Russia, cooperation with which is vital for Japan.

And the Japanese representative said in an interview with a TASS correspondent that this opinion is not popular in Japan now, but there are people who understand it even in the administration of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, but they are currently in the minority. .

The parliamentarian added: “I think (Japan) coordinates a lot with the United States and NATO. But it must be taken into account that Russia is a vital country for Japan from a geopolitical point of view. I have always emphasized the need for cooperation between Russia, the world’s richest country in natural resources, and Japan, which has the best applied technologies in the world. I believe that from a security point of view, strategic cooperation between Japan and Russia is a historical necessity.”

“At this turbulent time, cooperation between Japan and Russia is absolutely essential to ensure stability in East Asia,” Suzuki said.

He noted: “To ensure regional stability, Russia is considering strengthening cooperation with China, and Japan is considering strengthening cooperation with NATO. But this is the mentality of the Cold War period and this is a worldview characterized by confrontation.”

Earlier, Russian Charge d’Affaires in Tokyo Gennady Ovechko said that Japan has not only joined the West’s campaign against Russia, but is also trying to lead it, including as the chairman of the G7.

Source: TASS

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