Japanese Foreign Minister Bestows Precious Gifts Upon G7 Peers.

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi presented souvenirs to his G7 colleagues after the ministerial meeting in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

According to the Russian news agency Novosti, the gift that Hayashi presented to his colleagues in the G7 and the representative of the European Union consisted of a set of 6 painted cutlery, a set of 8 porcelain cups for Japanese rice wine Sake, in addition to ballpoint pens with the inscription , bears the logo of the summit, and a set of “shitimi” spices, consisting of several types of pepper, sesame, seaweed, hemp seeds, ginger and other ingredients.

In addition, participants were given wooden sticks made from Japanese Hinoki cypress, a thermos mug from the Japanese company Moonbell, a wooden clock carved from Nagano Prefecture, and a wooden pencil case carved by Karuizawa craftsmen.

The G7 foreign ministers’ meeting under the chairmanship of Japan was held on April 16-18 at the Karuizawa resort in Japan, and the G7 leaders’ summit will be held on May 19-21 in Hiroshima.

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