Japan Widens Sanctions Imposed on Russia

Japan has imposed restrictions on 100 individuals and entities involved in what it called “bypassing sanctions” imposed on Russia, the Kyodo news agency reported on Friday.

Tokyo also intends to expand the export restrictions imposed on Moscow and include in its sanctions list 80 bodies and institutions that, in its opinion, are associated with the Russian army.

The US and UK expanded their sanctions against Russia today, Friday, to include new individuals and entities, for example, London included in the sanctions list 86 individuals and entities associated with Russia.

Washington announced the introduction of new sanctions and export restrictions against 71 companies from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

After Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed broad sanctions against Moscow that affected businessmen and sectors of the economy, Moscow, for its part, confirmed the failure of the sanctions policy and stressed that it would defend its rights.

Source: TASS

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