Japan tripled LNG imports from Russia

Japan increased its supplies of liquefied natural gas from Russia in August last year by 211.2% compared to August 2021, while the volume of Russian oil imports in the same month decreased by 20.3% year on year.

Statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of Finance show that Russian coal shipments in August last year decreased by 32.6 percent compared to August 2021, while kerosene imports increased by 44.9 percent this month.

In addition, Japan increased imports of Russian vegetables, but reduced imports of grains and soybeans by 94-95 percent.

The total volume of Japanese exports to Russia in August decreased by 24.3% year on year, to 54.95 billion yen ($384 million), while imports of Russian goods to Japan increased by 67.4%, to 164.1 billion yen ( $1.15 billion).

Source: RIA Novosti

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