Japan.. Shinzo Abe Sui fought mentally and was transferred from a sanatorium to prison

TBS reported that the Japanese Tetsuya Yamagami, who killed former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, recovered after a psychiatric examination and was transferred from a medical facility to the Nara City Police Prison.

And according to channel Tetsuya Yamagami turned out to be sane after undergoing a forced psychiatric examination, which has been carried out since July last year. Accordingly, he was transferred from the closed medical facility to the Nara City Police Prison.

Yamagami is expected to face charges of murder and illegal possession of weapons by January 13.

On July 8 last year, Shinzo Abe was hit from behind in the Japanese city of Nara on Friday morning while delivering a speech, as a result of which he was injured and died.

The attacker, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, fired two bullets from behind the Japanese politician from a distance of about 10 meters, and after the second shot, Abe fell.

Sources said that Abe was hit by a bullet in the right side of the neck during the attack, after which bleeding was noted. In addition, bleeding was recorded in the chest area on the left, noting that he was conscious when injured, but during transportation his condition became critical “with cardiac and pulmonary arrest.”

The police and security forces immediately apprehended shooter Tetsuya Yamagami, and he did not resist the arrest.

During interrogation, Yamagami first said that he was “not satisfied with Abe”, but then stated that his target was originally another politician, and Abe was later singled out ostensibly because Abe was associated with a “religious group”.

Source: TASS

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