Japan protests Chinese patrol boats entering disputed islands

At a press conference, Japan’s foreign minister said his government had protested to China through diplomatic channels over Chinese patrol boats entering Japan’s territorial waters.

On Tuesday morning, two Chinese patrol boats entered the waters of the Senkaku Islands (the Chinese name for the Diaoyu Islands) and tried to approach Japanese fishing boats, the minister said. The Minister indicated that this accident was the fifteenth this year.

“This morning, two Chinese Coast Guard ships entered territorial waters near Senkaku and attempted to approach Japanese fishing boats that were fishing in the area,” he added.

He pointed out that two ships are still in “our territorial waters.” The entry of Chinese ships is contrary to international law, and we protested through diplomatic channels and called for the immediate withdrawal of these ships from our territorial waters. “

The Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands were under the control of the United States of America and were handed over to Japan in 1972, while Taiwan and mainland China believe that Japan illegally seized the islands. Tokyo believes that China and Taiwan have claimed the islands since the 1970s, when it became clear that their waters were rich in minerals. The territorial dispute further escalated after the Japanese government purchased three of the five islands of the Senkaku (Diaoyu) archipelago from a private Japanese owner in 2012, confirming their capture by the state.

Source: RIA Novosti

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