Japan intends to defend the rights of its companies in the project "Sakhalin-2"

Seiji Kihara, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers of Japan, said that Tokyo still considers the Sakhalin-2 project important in terms of providing the country with electricity and gas and intends to continue to protect its interests. in that.

“Sakhalin-2 is an important project for Japan in terms of providing electricity and gas. The government and companies will work together to ensure a stable supply of LNG,” he added at a press conference held today in Tokyo.

According to him, Tokyo is still collecting information about how the decision of the Russian Federation on the transfer of the project by a Russian limited liability company under construction will affect the shares of Japanese companies Mitsui and Mitsubishi.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the nationalization of Sakhalin Energy into the ownership of the Russian government, in response to sanctions against Russia by unfriendly countries.

Source: TASS

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