Japan announces more than $30 billion approval for Africa over next three years

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed his “joy to participate in TICAD 8 and develop a rich and vibrant Africa.

In a remote speech on the occasion of the opening of the Tokyo Africa Development Summit in Tunisia, Fumio Kishida expressed his enthusiasm for participation in TICAD 8 and the development of Africa, rich and dynamic, considering it “an important partner for Japan, which sees in the growth of Africa the growth of its investments in this continent “.

Kishida explained that “Japan is people-centered to build a resilient and resilient African society”, noting that “in addition to Japan’s allocation of 20 billion Japanese yen during TICAD 7 in Kenya to finance the private sector, an additional 30 billion dollars. approved on the occasion of TICAD 8 for the next three years.

He indicated that the funding is aimed at “stimulating the growth of the green economy in Africa”, noting that “an additional $4 billion in funding to benefit the public and private sectors, encourage investment and focus, especially encouraging start-ups for active youth in Japan and Africa”.

Source: “Mosaic FM”

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