IV Hydration

IV hydration, also known as intravenous hydration, is a type of therapy that delivers hydration and nutrients into the bloodstream. All nutrients get absorbed by the body immediately as it bypasses the digestive system.

It’s possible to achieve a 100% absorption rate for nutrients administered via an IV drip, but that figure is less when administered orally. If you’re wondering what is IV hydration, how it works, and what the benefits are, here’s what you need to know.

What Is an IV Drip?
An IV drip is a form of therapy or treatment where fluids enter a person’s bloodstream through a plastic tube (catheter) inserted into a vein in their arm or leg.

The process begins with a qualified medical professional inserting a needle into the vein and then quickly removed once the tube is in the vein. The rate at which the fluids enter the bloodstream will depend on each client’s medical condition, weight, age, and specific needs.

Each IV drip session takes around 30 minutes. During that time, clients can read, work, relax, or even take a nap. Approximately 1,000ml of fluids get injected into the bloodstream during each IV drip session.

What Are the Benefits of IV Hydration?
IV hydration offers a multitude of benefits compared with alternative methods. You might assume that drinking fluids are ultimately the best way to rehydrate. However, that’s not always the case. Here’s why IV hydration is a better idea:

Firstly, IV hydration offers an efficient way to hydrate your body. You don’t have to wait minutes or even hours for your body to absorb the fluids, as it goes directly into your bloodstream. The fluids in the IV drip will, therefore, quickly hydrate your body.

Kinder to Your Body
The problem with consuming drinks or supplements orally is that they must pass through your digestive system. There’s a high risk that whatever is in the drinks or pills you take could cause side effects on your body’s delicate digestive system.

Reduced Recovery Time
If you have an intense workout session, you will undoubtedly have sore and stiff muscles. Plus, if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work, it can take a long time for your energy levels to recover.

IV hydration offers reduced recovery times, meaning you’ll recover quickly from workout sessions and you’ll feel energized quickly.

Customized to Your Body
Prime IV offers IV hydration therapy solutions customized specifically to your needs. Each of our IV hydration drips contains specific amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids needed by your body to feel hydrated.

Improved Athletic Ability
Lastly, IV hydration will help you achieve improved athletic ability by keeping your body hydrated. The effects of IV hydration are long-lasting, so you can concentrate on your athletic goals without worrying about low nutrient levels in your body.

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