It’s official.. Coach Schneishel leads the Iraqi team in the four-way championship in Jordan.

The Iraqi Football Association has appointed former Olympic team coach Radha Schneishel to lead the Rafidain Lions first team in a friendly four-way tournament planned in Jordan.

This is the second temporary training assignment for Schneehil as his country’s leader after leading his training in the 2015 AFC Asian Cup Final in Australia for 45 days.

Ten days ago, the Minister of Youth and Sports, President of the Iraqi Football Association, Adnan Darjal, said that the political crisis and the current conditions in the country did not allow hiring a foreign coach to manage the first Iraqi team.

The Football Association of Jordan will hold a friendly four-way tournament from September 21 to 27 with the participation of the teams of Syria, Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman, as well as the Al-Nashama team, in preparation for the latter for the Asian Cup 2023.

The Iraqi Federation has compiled a roster of 35 players, including players from the Olympic team, in preparation for the quad tournament.

Source: AFP.

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