"It’s all about Putin"..an American expert talks about how to destroy "Biden" for your country

American political commentator Tucker Carlson argued that the price of gasoline, one of the foundations of American wealth, rose because of the policies of US President Joe Biden, and not because of Vladimir Putin, as the White House claims.

“For the foreseeable future, oil and gas is a vital resource for civilization and it is absolutely impossible to change that,” Carlson told Fox News. “This should be good news for America, because here in the United States we have We are rich, because that we are rich.” With natural resources… But suddenly, for some reason, there was a shortage of food and energy resources in the United States, and therefore their prices rose.. How could this happen? Joe Biden gave his explanation,” noting that the US president accused Putin of high prices.

The political observer emphasized: “It is a shame that is amazing, and in this case also dangerous. No one believes a single word, because it is a blatant lie.”

The expert cited data from a study conducted by the Gazbody Research Center, which shows that from November 2020 to November 2021, long before the start of the Russian special operation, fuel prices increased by 66 percent. The reason, according to the journalist, lies in the cancellation of oil pipeline projects, the refusal to lease land for gas production and the return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement, from which former President Donald Trump withdrew. The expert explained that all this is done for the sake of green energy.

Expressing his position on the matter, Carlson said: “Joe Biden started yelling (These are Putin’s prices, Putin did it). But this is nonsense! for Biden, who wanted mills. Wind and solar power plants, they didn’t believe it because it’s nonsense.”

He pointed out that Biden on March 31 ordered the removal of a certain amount of oil from the country’s strategic reserves every day for six months. According to the journalist, this is the worst thing Biden could do in the year when the elections to the House of Representatives were to be held.

The political commentator continued: “Biden could have produced more oil on our lands. But that would be too easy and too good for the United States in the long run. Instead, he decided to do something crazy and dangerous, as if someone about the fact that He intended to harm the United States, that’s what comes to mind.

The price of gasoline in the United States in March reached record highs, in May it again renewed its historical highs, and in June it completely exceeded five dollars per gallon. Due to rising fuel prices, the phenomenon of gasoline theft has become widespread.

To bring down prices, the US started with Biden’s decision to extract one million barrels of oil per day from the strategic reserve, and will continue to do so until October.

Americans also regularly urge gas station owners to lower gasoline prices. However, diesel is about $5 a gallon and oil futures are worth more than $100 a barrel, while US officials say oil prices would be higher without the removal of oil from strategic reserves.

Biden has repeatedly linked the economic crisis in the country with the aggravation of the conflict in Ukraine. He described the rise in inflation in the United States as “high prices because of Putin.”

In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on these sayings, pointed out that such statements are designed for people who cannot read and write, pointing out that problems with food and fuel are the result of systematic errors of the current administration in Washington and the European bureaucracy. .

Source: RIA Novosti

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