itching for an ipad

“We’ve found that allergies like the one in this case are very rare. Apple products are made from the best materials and meet the same high standards for jewellery set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and its European counterpart. We put our products through a lot of tests to make sure they are safe for everyone.

Original: Rash for no reason? Look at your iPad. It turns out that the popular tablet computer may have nickel in it, which is one of the metals that causes allergies the most. Recent articles in medical journals talk about how laptops, cellphones, and other personal electronics can cause nickel allergies in some people. A San Diego hospital recently treated an 11-year-old boy for an itchy rash all over his body. A report in Monday’s Pediatrics says that the rash was caused by an Apple iPad. Nickel rashes aren’t life-threatening, but they can be very uncomfortable. A dermatologist at Rady Children’s Hospital, where the boy was treated, said that if the skin eruptions get infected, steroids and antibiotics may be needed to treat them. The boy had a common skin condition that causes scaly patches, but he also got a different rash all over his body that didn’t go away with the usual treatment. Skin tests showed that he was allergic to nickel, and doctors tracked it back to an iPad that he and his family bought in 2010. It’s not clear if all iPad models and other Apple products contain nickel. Apple spokesman Chris Gaither said the company had nothing to say about this.

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