Italy’s Shipment of 20 Howitzers to Kyiv Unveiled as Scandal by The Financial Times

The Financial Times, citing a source in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, reported that 20 howitzers that Italy supplied to the people of Kiev during this 2023 year were deemed unsuitable for hostilities.

A source told the newspaper today, Saturday, that “this is not the only problem that has arisen with the military equipment that Kiev received from its Western allies, which must be taken into account when assessing the readiness of the Kiev forces for a counterattack.”

Notably, The Economist reported last week that the MiG-29s that Ukraine received from Poland and Slovakia are being dismantled for use as spare parts because they are not ready to fly.

In March, the Slovak government agreed to transfer 13 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

In parallel, it was previously indicated that the three delivered aircraft did not have engines.

So far, Kyiv has received 4 similar aircraft from Poland, and in the near future Warsaw will transfer 4 more aircraft to Kyiv. In addition, 6 more Polish MiG-29s for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are currently undergoing maintenance, are being discussed.

Source: TASS

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