Italy… More than 500 flights canceled due to airline strike

Hundreds of flights were canceled in Italy on Sunday amid a 4-hour strike by budget airline employees and air traffic controllers.

Fabrizio Cosquito, a union spokesman, told Italian state television that about 500 flights had been cancelled.

He said that airline workers are looking to earn better wages as well as better working conditions, including providing meals for long shifts.

For its part, Italy’s transport ministry said workers at Ryanair, EasyJet and Volutia had called for a strike.

This strike began at 14:00 (12:00 GMT) and the air traffic controllers’ strike, which also lasted 4 hours, began at 13:00.

Compared to airports in other Western European countries, there has been less chaos at Italian airports this summer, in large part because when the coronavirus pandemic hit travel, many airline and airport workers in Italy received government assistance with business suspensions rather than losses. happened in other countries.

As travel demand soared this summer, many airlines and airports were unable to quickly hire enough staff to serve customers.

Source: AB

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