Italy limits its reliance on Russian gas to 10% stake.

Italy’s Ecology and Energy Security Minister Gilberto Becchetto Frattin said that his country had reduced the share of Russian gas supplies to 10%, compensating for this with supplies from Africa and through the Adriatic Sea.

The energy minister said in a press statement today, Sunday: “Where before 40% of the gas we imported came from Russia, today we get just over 10%. Thus, we have already overcome our dependence on Moscow by increasing imports. “Gas through a gas pipeline from the east through a gas pipeline across the Adriatic Sea from Azerbaijan and from Africa thanks to new agreements with Algeria and Libya.

Last February, Italy’s Industry Minister Adolfo Urso said that Rome would be able to stop buying Russian gas this year and become a natural fuel supplier through new channels.

After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the Italian government said it would work to reduce its dependence on gas imported from the Russian Federation.

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