Italy ..arrest of a Bosnian on charges of funding more than 50 thousand euros for jihadist cells

Italian intelligence sources reported the arrest of a Bosnian citizen in the city of Bologna, the capital of the northern province of Emilia Romagna, on charges of funding more than 50,000 euros for jihadist cells.

The same sources added that the man was placed under house arrest using an electronic remote control device, as he was considered responsible for making numerous financial transfers, personally or through third parties, in excess of 50,000 euros to members of terrorist cells. or attributed in whole or in part to acts related to terrorism.

Security sources concluded that the investigation leading to the arrest of the Bosnian was carried out by the Special Operations Unit (ROS) of the Gendarmerie (Carabinieri) forces and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna in cooperation with the Office for Combating Terrorism. .

Source: Italian news agency AKI.

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