Italian team enters European competition for the first time in history this season

Roma managed to reach the semi-finals of the European Football League tournament after beating Dutch side Feyenoord 4-1 in the second leg of the quarter-finals.

With the arrival of Rome, now 5 Italian teams compete in the semi-finals of various European competitions.

Milan and rivals Inter are in the Champions League semi-finals, while Juventus and Rome are in the Europa League semi-finals and Fiorentina are in the Conference League semi-finals.

And the statistical network “Opta” stated that for the first time in history, 5 Italian teams reach the semi-finals of major European competitions.

Milan will play Inter in the Champions League, Juventus will play Sevilla Spain, Rome will play Bayer Leverkusen and Fiorentina will play Swiss rivals Basel.

Source: twitter/OptaPaolo

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