Italian farmers assess possible losses due to high temperatures

The newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore quotes estimates from the Coldiretti farmers’ union that the loss of an Italian agricultural field from the current heat and drought could amount to 6 billion euros.

Thus, the expectations of this organization indicate that Italy could lose 10% of the value of its agricultural products. The union previously expected these losses to reach 3 billion euros.

The newspaper pointed out that similar forecasts are made by the Association of Italian Farmers, which also points to the risk of losing 10% of the gross domestic product of the agricultural industry, which, according to it, is 34 billion euros. As for the Association of Producers Confagricoltura, losses in the agricultural sector could reach two billion on an annualized basis, or 6% of its total trade.

The first half of this year was the hottest on record, with a two-degree rise in average temperatures, while rainfall was down 60% from the historical average.

In this regard, the Italian farmers’ union Coldiretti warned that the yield of durum wheat used in the production of pasta could be reduced by 30%, and the yield of soft wheat used in the production of bread by 20%. In some areas, losses can reach 40%.

For corn, the losses are even worse: in the northern regions of Haltea, the hardest hit by the drought, the corn crop could be halved. In this regard, the Union characterizes the signing of the wheat deal in Istanbul, which will allow the resumption of corn exports from Ukraine, as a “breath of air.” After reaching this deal, mentioned in Turkey, the union said that this would allow 1.2 million tons of corn to be delivered to Italy.

Source: RIA Novosti

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