It will be difficult for Gantz to complete the process of appointing a new chief of staff

The Israeli government led by Naftali Bennett to dissolve the Knesset has expressed fears that Defense Minister Benny Gantz will face additional difficulties in the process of choosing the next Israeli chief of staff.

The matter will be examined in a judicial proceeding, and among the options that will be considered is the continuation of the duties of the current Chief of Staff, Awav Kochavi, whose term ends in January, for a short period.

Gantz began the process of selecting the 23rd Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army seven months ago, and Gantz’s candidates are Major Generals Yoel Strik, Eyal Zamir and Herzi Halevi, as happened with Police Commissioner Ronnie Shaikh in 2019, when the police were left without a commissioner for a year until the appointment of current President Kobe Shabtai.

Significantly, Gantz expedited the process of choosing a new chief of staff to avoid a situation in which he would have difficulty choosing a chief of staff for the period of the transitional government, but in the end was forced to voice his concerns. that in the event of the dissolution of the government there would be no permanent commander of the army.

And earlier Israeli reports said that Gantz promised in private conversations that he would “not allow the Israeli army to become a hostage of the political system” and that “Israel will not have an interim chief of staff like what happened to the police,” believing that this “will harm the security of the country.”

Source: Israeli and Palestinian media.

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