It is Claimed that Development Plans for ATOMIC HEART 2 have Already been Drawn Up

On February 21st, Atomic Heart made its premiere to a largely positive response. Although it was generally well received, some negative press started to emerge and slightly harmed the launch. The game’s developer, Mundfish, has revealed that Atomic Heart 2 is scheduled for production to move past that disappointing news and focus on the future.

It is Claimed that Development Plans for ATOMIC HEART 2 have Already been Drawn Up_

In a brief video, journalist Aleksey Makarenkov described his quick conversation with Mundfish engineers. He claimed to have brought up the possibility of an Atomic Heart sequel. Although it was anticipated that Mundfish would minimize the query, the group supposedly claimed that Atomic Heart 2 is now being developed.

There Is Still Much to Do

This information, which Twisted Voxel first reported, no longer portends the impending release of a new Atomic Heart game. It took Mundfish five years to create the original game, so presuming the foundation has been set in terms of the engine, it might still take the company two or three years to complete Atomic Heart 2.

The original game, just a few weeks ago, must complete its lifecycle before work can start on Atomic Heart 2. For the game, which needs a few more updates before it can be deemed even close to great, there are DLCs in the works.

Regrettably, Atomic Heart has been at the center of many disputes and difficult circumstances in recent weeks. Sharp-eyed gamers discovered a racist cartoon a few days after the game’s launch. The Ukrainian government intended to petition Sony, Microsoft, and Valve to stop selling the game, but it was discovered shortly after.

It is Claimed that Development Plans for ATOMIC HEART 2 have Already been Drawn U p_

The game experienced a significant leak before its release. A PC debug build for more technically oriented gamers to explore leaked online.

But despite all of that, Mundfish intends to create Atomic Heart 2. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because the first game did build a fascinating environment. The Atomic Heart universe might receive more content, and Mundfish could revisit some ideas.

For instance, the team’s ideas for a multiplayer PvP platform within Atomic Heart were shelved during development, as it was made public in January.

Fans should keep playing Atomic Heart and consider the changes Mundfish is making and the DLCs it is releasing. Before Atomic Heart 2 appears in any form, years will pass.

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