"It has nothing to do with cheating"Revealed the real reason for the separation of Shakira with Pique

The media is still reporting on new developments that led to the separation of the famous Colombian singer Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique, defender of Barcelona, ​​despite the official announcement of their separation a few weeks ago.

Roberto Garcia, who has been in a relationship with Shakira’s sister Lucilla for 8 years, confirmed in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Esdiario that they had a very perfect relationship.

According to Garcia, the famous couple’s problems have appeared in the past few months for purely economic reasons, far from the issue of infidelity or Piqué’s closed lifestyle.

Piqué asked the mother of her two children for a sum of money to invest in one of her projects, but Shakira turned down the request after objections from her parents.

Garcia explained: “At that very moment, the relationship between Shakira and Pique broke off, starting with battles that continued until the official announcement of their separation.”

He added: “Before her, this relationship had long been interrupted, but Shakira really wanted to appear with Pique in a friendly way before the public.”

Garcia concluded, “Shakira recently realized that Piqué only loved her because she was the mother of his two children (Milan and Sasha) and that she was sure he would never marry her.”

On June 4, 2022, Shakira announced the end of her 12-year relationship with Pique.

Source: Esdiario

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