Istanbul Mayor Shares Thoughts on Erdogan’s Win in Presidential Elections

The mayor of the Turkish city of Istanbul Imamoglu commented on the victory of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the second round of the presidential elections in Turkey.

On his Twitter account, Imamoglu wrote: “The May 28 elections are over. As a politician following in the footsteps of veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who said that “sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation”, I hope that these results will bring good for our people and our country.” Given that “Turkey is now in dire need of speedy normalization and finding solutions to its real problems,” according to the Zaman newspaper.

Oglu continued: “I know that today tens of millions of people are deeply disappointed… My dear children… Don’t be sad… Dear youth… Don’t despair… Ladies… Never get angry. “Gentlemen, keep walking with your head held high,” he said, noting that Turkey “is a country that can achieve a lot in a short time, and it can do it again.”

And he added: “A similar disappointment happened 5 years ago, but in just nine months we achieved amazing results in local elections … we did the right thing and we all got results together and we succeeded together … don’t worry. .everything starts over..remember The only permanent change”, noting that “they have a long way ahead, they have youth, and they are full of faith, everything will be fine.”

Source: “Zaman”

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