Israeli security official: Return of Iran nuclear deal would be very bad for Israel

A senior Israeli security official warned that the return of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran would be “very bad” for Israel, after Brussels announced that talks on the case would soon resume.

channel quotes”12An Israeli official, without naming him, said: “The case (agreement) is limited to two and a half years, and it will allow Iran to achieve economic prosperity and move its military potential in the Middle East forward in terms of positioning, financing terrorism and weapons development.”

He said signing the agreement would be “very bad for Israel.”

The channel indicated that officials in Israel expect the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran to be finalized next November and fear that it is a “reconciliation agreement.”

She pointed out that Israel is undertaking a broad diplomatic move ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to pressure the Americans to continue the sanctions imposed on Tehran.

“Senior Israeli officials say it would be better for Iran to be weak without a deal – (Prime Minister Naftali) Bennett definitely thinks so, and perhaps (Foreign Minister Yair) Lapid too – while the military sees things differently. to another. They in Israel wanted you to draw the United States – that’s a red line for the Iranians.”

Source: “Israeli Channel 12”

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