Israeli report: Russian ruble continues to recover, and the West is very helpless

The Israeli broadcaster Kan published a report on the extent to which Russia has suffered from the thousands of Western sanctions imposed on it.

In the article, writer Itamar Meiri said, “Shake the bear: are Western sanctions really affecting the Russian economy?”

He continued: “The conflict in Ukraine has led to unprecedented action by the international community against Russia on an economic level. Thousands of sanctions were imposed on the country, huge companies left, and even Russia was isolated from the global clearing system. economic war that the West is waging to the detriment of the country?” Launching Russia, which continues to sell gas and oil and make a profit?

And the article added: “After four months of war in Ukraine, a new reality can be seen in Russia, which has endured dozens of economic sanctions. Gone are the mega-brands like McDonald’s, Nike and IKEA, leaving abandoned malls behind. “Abandonment of giant brands has dire consequences, but it seems that, at least for now, the economic war waged by the West is barely reaching its goal.”

He continued: “The ruble continues to recover and hit the highest level in 7 years against the dollar, and the unemployment rate was low, and last month was only 4%, and the interest rate returned to reasonable numbers … there is no shortage of food, and signs There is no general panic.”

Dr. Alex Komen of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College said: “The West is so helpless … you don’t see anyone out there who would decide to take the hit.”

Source: “was”

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