Israeli Protesters Take to the Streets Following Galant’s Firing and Netanyahu Criticism

Israelis yesterday intensified their popular protests against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and the “Judicial Reform Act” following the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

A wave of objections reached Israeli President Isaac Herzog this morning, who called on the government coalition to stop the judicial reform law and called on the government, the opposition and all party leaders to “put the country’s citizens first and act.” responsibly and boldly without further delay.”

The Duke’s words came after a stormy night on the streets of Israel in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva and other cities, following unprecedented protests that included violence and riots, as well as clashes between police and demonstrators.

Israeli demonstrators threw stones at their police on a stage unfamiliar to Israel, and 3 mounted police officers were reportedly injured, who managed to disperse protests in Tel Aviv 5 hours later.

And while there were prominent parties and figures in yesterday’s protests, a video clip of the Tel Aviv police chief who participated in the protests, and it turned out to be Ami Ashad, that caused controversy after he was fired by Itamar Ben Gvir, the Minister of National Service Security, saying he was lenient with the protesters, before the government’s judicial adviser suspended his decision.

On the other hand, former Israeli Air Force chief Eitan Ben Eliyahu warned that “Netanyahu has declared a civil war” and the Israeli consul general in New York announced his resignation, saying he could not serve the Netanyahu government, which has faced accusations of undermining democracy.

In turn, the White House expressed deep concern about the events that took place in Israel, noting that these events “once again emphasize the urgent need to reach a compromise.”

And while protesters are preparing for a massive demonstration today, today at 2:00 pm on Monday, in front of the Knesset building, the Israeli army announced that it has raised a state of alert due to security developments, after “losing control over the demonstrators, reports 12 channel.

In turn, the Israeli police stated that they “allow the democratic right to protest,” but emphasized that they “will not allow mass riots and damage to state symbols,” while the video clips show that police officers used water cannons to disperse demonstrators who tore through the barriers near Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu fired his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant after calling for an immediate and temporary halt to the controversial “judicial reform” law, warning of a security risk.

Israelis have been protesting for weeks against this law, which undermines the country’s judicial system.

Source: RT

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