Israeli Prime Minister: We are ready for any scenario that will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said late Tuesday that it was too early to say whether Israel was indeed able to stop the nuclear deal.

Lapid added in his statements, “But Israel is prepared for any threat and any scenario.”

He continued: “If Iran continues to try, we will use our capabilities and continue to act on all fronts against terrorism and against those who seek to harm us.”

He indicated that he agrees with US President Joe Biden that Israel has every right to do everything possible to prevent the possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear threat.

On Sunday, the Israeli prime minister announced that the head of the Mossad would visit Washington, DC for a series of meetings with the administration over the Iran nuclear deal.

During the Israeli government’s weekly meeting, he said the head of the Mossad would travel to Washington to explain “our US administration’s position on the risks inherent in the Iran deal.”

Source: agencies

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