Israeli Police Investigate Haaretz Journalist for Alleged Pro-Netanyahu Recommendation

On Saturday night, Israeli police questioned a prominent journalist about a tweet in which he “recommended” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his upcoming state visit to Berlin.

“I strongly advise the dictator to cancel his Wednesday trip to Berlin,” Haaretz journalist Ori Misgav tweeted on Saturday afternoon. “This is unacceptable… Take my word for it.”

Hours later, as Misgav and his wife left their home in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, to protest the judicial reform plan, two police officers stopped him for questioning, Misgav said in a follow-up tweet.

Misgav recounted that during the incident, which he said lasted three to four minutes, two officers told him that they had been sent to interrogate him about his position.

One of the police officers, whom Misgav called “cute” and “confused,” asked him if he was going to harm the prime minister, Misgav told the Walla news site. He asked them in turn, “Who sent you?” They replied, “We are in a very delicate situation.”

Also on Twitter, Misgav, a longtime critic of Netanyahu’s policies, said he suggested that the prime minister and his wife Sara avoid traveling to Berlin because of the “democratic protests that await them” in Germany, implicitly rejecting any threat of violence.

In addition to the protest movement that has swept the country, demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, including in Rome on Friday during Netanyahu’s official visit. In Berlin, home to nearly 10,000 Israelis, a protest took place in early February against a plan for judicial reform.

“We are living in historic and surreal days,” Misgav tweeted. “I don’t think the police should be following any journalist, much less civilians, because of a tweet. This is very disturbing.”

Source: Israeli media

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