Israeli Gaza Commander: If Jihad ceases its fire, so be it "behind us"

Brigadier General of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip, Nimrod Aloni, said on Saturday evening that there is one goal – to stop the threat, and if Islamic Jihad ceases its fire, it will remain behind us.

The commander of the Gaza Brigade of the Israeli army added that Hamas acted wisely in choosing not to defect to Islamic Jihad.

He also emphasized that Hamas is not involved in this issue, pointing out that they do not currently acknowledge his preparation.

Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni said they continue to attack and harm the militants, indicating that they will target new targets.

“If we continue to focus on activities, we won’t have to expand the campaign to other organizations,” he explained.

On Friday evening, the Islamic Jihad movement announced the “martyrdom of the commander of the Al-Quds Brigade, Taysir al-Jabari, ‘Abu Mahmoud’, during the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.”

The Israeli army said it killed 15 activists of the movement, including al-Jabari, during an apartment bombing in the central part of the Gaza Strip.

A video broadcast by the official Israeli channel Kan showed the moment when several rockets were fired at this place.

On Saturday, the Al-Quds Brigades announced the start of Operation Unity of the Squares and confirmed the continuation of rocket attacks on Israeli targets.

Source: Hebrew media.

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