Israeli Center Reveals New Evidence of US-Israeli Embassy Plan in Jerusalem

Israel’s Adala Center has revealed new evidence of a joint US-Israeli embassy plan in Jerusalem for private Palestinian property.

In an article published on the center’s official website, it said: “In the lead-up to President Biden’s visit to Israel, the heirs of the original owners, including American citizens and Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, are demanding the immediate cancellation of the scheme.”

He added that the study of archival documents conducted by the center finally revealed the ownership of the Palestinian lands allocated to the US embassy in Jerusalem.

On February 15, 2022, the US State Department and the Israel Lands Administration submitted an updated plan for a US diplomatic compound in Jerusalem to the Israel Planning Department, and this was done after the previous plan went into effect in 2008.

According to him, the land on which the US diplomatic complex is to be built is registered in the name of Israel, while it was illegally confiscated from Palestinian refugees and displaced persons under the Israeli Missing Property Act of 1950.

Accordingly, the heirs of the original land owners, including American citizens and Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, are calling on the Biden administration and the Israeli government to cancel the Scheme No. 101-0810796 Diplomatic Complex – United States, Hebron Road, Jerusalem, which is currently located under development. Advancement has been made to the submission procedures to the District Planning Committee – Jerusalem.

The Center recalled that documents from the archive prove that the land belonged to Palestinian families and was temporarily leased to the British Mandatory authorities until 1948. The land was confiscated from its Palestinian owners in 1950 after they became refugees during the Nakba.

Archival leases contain details of who owned the land before it was seized by Israel.

The leases list the names of Palestinian landowners, including members of the Habib, Kilibo, Al-Khalidi, Razak and Al-Khalili families.

This property also includes a plot of land owned by the family waqf (atomic waqf) of Sheikh Muhammad Khalili, which should be used by his descendants, including residents of East Jerusalem and American citizens.

According to historian Rashid Al-Khalidi, a US citizen and descendant of some of the owners of these properties, “The fact that the US administration is actively involved in this project along with the Israeli government means that it is effectively violating the property rights of the rightful owners of these properties, including many US citizens.

Source: Israel Center Adala

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