Israeli army reveals details about nuclear reactor in Syria (photo)

Today, Tuesday, the Israeli army said the intelligence agency released a 20-year-old assessment that says Syria is working on building a nuclear reactor.

The Israeli army said in a statement: “15 years after the explosion of the Syrian nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor, a secret document was revealed that contained military intelligence estimates and that Syria was carrying out a secret project that would later be a nuclear reactor,” noting that “On September 6, 2007, IDF militants destroyed the Syrian nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor.

He pointed out that “in the fifteenth year of the attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor, for the first time, an intelligence document dated 2002 contained an intelligence assessment that Syria was trying to advance a strategic project whose benefits had not yet been revealed. , but the interest in creating a nuclear threat is doubtful, as seen from the northern front.

And in a document released by the army, it said: “Recently it became known that within the framework of the Syrian Atomic Energy Authority, work is being (or was being) carried out on secret projects unknown to us. The information does not indicate the existence of an effective nuclear plan, but rather indicates a practical interest in directions that may lead to the development of a plan, and raise doubts in the beginning of work on the development of such a plan.

An image was released of a special intelligence document from 2002, which is now cleared for release as an intelligence assessment was written that Syria is trying to advance a strategic project whose merits are not yet known.

Source: RT

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