Israeli Air Force conducts joint international exercises with Italy

Yesterday, Sunday, the Israeli army announced that the Israeli Air Force began a joint exercise with the Italian Air Force, called the Lightning Shield.

On his Twitter account, Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraei said: “Today, Sunday, the international Lightning Shield exercise led by the Israeli Air Force using F-35 Adir fighters and F-35 aircraft of the Italian Air Force. started, It’s at the Nevatim military airbase.

Adraei added: “The exercise involves the 116th Lions of the South Squadron and the 140th Golden Eagle Squadron, along with F-35, Nahshon 122 fighters and 4 Italian F-35 aircraft.”

He added: “These exercises are an important step in strengthening cooperation between the armies, and their goal is to increase military effectiveness to overcome any possible scenarios. The exercise will open with the entry of Italian F-35 fighters into sovereign airspace over the State of Israel, escorted by two Israeli Adair fighters.”

Source: RT

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