Israel Successfully Concludes Trials of New Naval Defense System

Today, Monday, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced the completion of a series of successful tests of a new naval air defense system called the Iron Dome.

The Israeli Navy has successfully completed a series of multi-system and layer-by-layer intercept tests using the maritime version of the Iron Dome system, the Sa’ar 6-Magen, in another historic moment to enhance the capabilities of one of them, the ministry said in a statement. precious ships of the Navy.

And she stated that “the naval Iron Dome, known as C-Dome, is a joint project of the Navy and the Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Defense”, stressing that “C-Dome managed to intercept advanced targets that pose a threat to the country’s infrastructure. Israel and its strategic facilities in its exclusive economic zone.

The ministry said “In November 2022, the Israeli Navy conducted a successful C-Dome intercept test, but Monday’s test included a much wider range of current and future threats that Magen ships could face, such as cruise missiles and drones.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

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