Israel Channel: Iranian high-ranking official assassinated

Israel’s Channel 13 reported that the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ intelligence service, Hossein Tayeb, was fired from his post, with reports that he had been assassinated without any official confirmation of this.

According to an Israeli report, Tayeb is behind attempts to target Israeli tourists in Turkey, according to Israeli security officials, noting that his dismissal appears to be due to his failure to do so.

The report states that al-Tayeb, “known for his extremist personality who doesn’t miss an opportunity to use any means, has been trying to target Israelis in Turkey in recent days, and he is doing so out of a frantic campaign to maintain his position in Iran’s security establishment.”

Searches on social media revealed reports that al-Tayeb was transferred to a hospital in the capital Tehran after he was assassinated.

Source: i24 + RT news

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