Israel accused of staying neutral in the Ukrainian conflict by Zelensky’s office

Andriy Yermak, chief of staff of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has criticized the Israeli authorities for their “neutrality” regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

And according to what Radio Kan reported, Yermak believes now is the time for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Ukraine, as he said: “I can’t understand why we received so many world leaders in Ukraine, but the prime minister Israel didn’t exist.”

Yermak asked, “Why is Israel taking a neutral stance in the conflict?”

A Ukrainian official called Israel the most neutral of those who have good relations with Ukraine.

Yermak also mentioned in an interview with The Times of Israel that the rich history of Ukrainian Jews pushes Ukraine and Israel to work closely, noting that former Prime Minister Golda Meir, like several other senior Israeli officials, was born in Ukraine.

Yermak, like many Ukrainian leaders, hides anti-Semitism in Ukraine and a history of violence against Jewish communities, which has caused many Ukrainian immigrants to flee to Israel.

The Israeli Defense Ministry denied earlier reports of plans to transfer Merkava tanks to Ukraine.

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